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Custom Scratch Cards

At Scratch of Press, we have over 10 years’ experience in Instant Winning Promotions, through our unique Specialty Printing with Scratch offs, Scratch and Sniffs, Pull Tabs, and Insured Prize Promotions.  Based out of our headquarters and main production facility in the Chicago Suburbs, we print millions of sweepstakes cards monthly.  Our clients range from some of the bigger agencies, promotional firms and companies in the U.S., to boutique agencies and the little retail shops around the corner.  We have printed game pieces worth 10 cents, to hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars – you name it Scratch Off Press can and will product it on-time and on-budget.  Scratch off press, is proud to announce, we can also manage all of your printing materials. Our team of seasoned print managers with 15 years commercial print, and direct mail experience will effectively save you money on last year’s print spend.

Custom Scratch Offs


Custom Scratch and Win Cards, Scratch Off Cards, Custom Pull Tabs   Custom Scratch and Win Cards, Scratch Cards, Scratch Offs   Custom Scratch and Win Cards, Scratch Off Cards, Custom Pull Tabs
  • Insured Prize Promotions
  • Scratch and Sniff Promotions
  • After we “win” you over, let us quote non-scratch off related printing.
  • We will save you a minimum of 10% of your last print PO!! It is That Simple!
Promote big time prizes without big time spending. Often tied in with a probability scratch and win game, insured prizes get you noticed….
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